Lucas Barioulet

French freelance photojournalist based in Paris, contributor to Le Monde. Graduated from Ecole de Journaliste de Tours and San Diego State University.

I began working in between the United States and Mexico in 2016 and 2017 as a correspondent for french newspapers, following the presidential election and the migrant crisis. From september 2017 to march 2018, I came back in France and worked for the daily french newspaper Le Parisien as a staff photographer.

In march 2018, I began working as a stringer photographer for the world news agency Agence France Presse.  In 2018 and 2019, I worked in Mauritania for 2 months, photographing the different region of the desertic country for GEO Magazine.

In early 2021, I travelled northern Pakistan alone during 3 months,  producing the photo serie "The land of the Pure". The same year, I started a new project about the desertification of the Russian artic around the Murmansk region, called "Memory of Sun".

From march 2022 to december 2022, I am covered the Russia-Ukraine war for Le Monde across the country.

Since may 2023, I am working on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, covering the ongoing Hamas-Israel following October 7th 2023 attacks, for Le Monde and other international newspapers and magazines.

Published inThe New York Times, M Le Magazine, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, 6 moisLe Monde, Geo Magazine, Libération, Marianne, The Guardian, Paris Match, Le Figaro, La Croix...



- Lauréat , "Radioscopie de France", Grande commande BNF, "Desert(s) Francais"


 - Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik Visa d'or Award 2022, "Ukraine, la guerre au quotidien"

Siena International Photo Awards 2022, "The Long and Difficult Path of the Mauritanian National Women's Football Team"


All About Photo Awards 2021, "The Land of the Pure"

- Finalist, Prix Mentor, "The Land of the Pure"


- Sony World Photography Awards, 2nd place, Professional competition, Sport."The Long and Difficult Path of the Mauritanian National Women's Football Team"



- Visa pour l'Image, Perpignan "Ukraine : La Guerre au Quotidien"

Contact : +336 12 02 83 68 /

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